[App] Everywhere Clipboard - ultimate clipboard solution


Aug 27, 2010
Everywhere Clipboard extends Android clipboard function and brings real desktop clipboard experience to you on mobile phone. Everywhere Clipboard is a Windows Office style clipboard panel which records copied items into a history stack. In addition to that, the clipboard panel can be opened anywhere in any application without the need to leave your current window or switch to different windows. To bring up the panel, just click on a tiny trigger icon located at the edge of your screen and the panel will expand. Brought to you by the same Dev who made Smart Taskbar and Button Savior.

If you are a serious email or note taking user like me, you might find it improve your overall productivity a lot because there is no more app switching back and forth for simple text copy and paste action.

Download From Market

☆ Instant on, always available clipboard panel
☆ Manage content to copy from files/folders
☆ Built in note editor for quick file creation
☆ Quick copy from any .txt files
☆ Supports both clipboard history based or file based copy
☆ More to come.............


Comment and suggestion welcomed!