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Jul 6, 2011
I saw this over at Acer Tablet Forum and thought I would share it here:

Small Icons

Darkbulb said:
Mostly intended for a phone - this widget is actually rather useful even on a tablet (as the end of the video below will show).

It's basically a widget that allows you to place four app on the screen but using the space ONE app icon requires.
Each 'mini' icon is individually launchable and takes you straight to the app.

I've found it really useful and have, for now (I'm fickle), abandoned folders and I'm instead using a row at the bottom of my tablet featuring 24 small icons for my favorite apps/games.
It's free, so check it out :)

App: Small Icons Widget

I believe the default grid on the stock Honeycomb/ICS for a 1280x800 screen launcher is 7x7 (49 apps). This will allow you to get 49X4 apps (196) on your home screens if you want. I have used custom launchers to get up to 10x10 (100) spaces on the home screen, so this would allow for up to 400 icons per home screen.

If you are interested, head on over to the Play Store and check it out:

Source: AcerTabletForum.com
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