Applications apparently taking up 5.2gb of space but I have barely any apps installed


Junior Member
Jun 5, 2016

So I've noticed my tablet has been having less and less free space over time. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab A model SM-T500. The total space is 16gb with roughly 5gb being used by the system memory, fair enough. Under "used space" it says it's using 7.4gb and under cached data it says 236mb. This seemed really high considering I just removed a bunch of files. So I click used space and applications are using 5.2gb, pictures/video 2.1gb and audio is barely 100mb. The thing is I don't have many apps installed at all. When I order them by size the largest is google play services (160mb) then clash royale (109mb) then badland (70mb). I did a rough count of the rest of my apps and it's nowhere near 5.2gb. I'd say it's more like 2gb at the most. Where has all my space gone? Is there a way to see my apps in a pie chart?

Also, little side question, but I'm sick of my apps updating themselves automatically. I frequently have to go through the list and uninstall updates. I changed my settings on the play store to stop automatically downloading updates but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything.

Any help is appreciated.