Apps/Games Shutting Down and Document App - PLEASE HELP

Feb 14, 2012
I recently bought an Asus Slider and the apps/games I've download or the ones that were transferred from my Droid 2 phone have been shutting down. Any reason why? Is it because they are not tablet compatible? The games include Words with Friends and Angry Birds and a few more. Any suggestions to resolve this would be great. :) Also What is the best MS Office app for a tablet? I don't mind paying for the app but free is preferable.

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Feb 4, 2012
Try this:
  • Log into the Market using a PC/Mac.
  • Add your new device to your Market account.
  • If you downloaded your shutting-down app from the Market, it will say 'Installed'.
  • Press the 'Installed' button again and it will list your kit and if the Asus is incompatible it will be greyed out.
  • If so, goodbye app!
  • If not, uninstall it from your Asus and reinstall it from the Market. It should work...
  • If it doesn't then I suppose that that means that there are pesky files still on your tablet and now ask a Guru on the forum how to kill these.

My Samsung Ace has ThinkFree on it and it looks good, but any spreadsheet on a phone is a pig to see.
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