Archos 101 lists Windows XP, Vista, 7 as minimum system requirements?????


Jan 7, 2011
I have been planning on selling my laptop (which I just recently purchased) and buying an Archos 101 (or similar) Android Tablet. I was just looking at the technical specs on the Archos 101 and under "minimum requirements" it list Windows (as in the subject above, Linux, Mac). Why do I need another computer besides the Archos? This has me bewildered since I was planning on using the Archos as a replacement. I have an external hard drive that connects via USB and was going to connect it to the full-size USB port that the Archos 101 has to store my stuff. Will this work? Why are they saying I need a computer in addition to the Archos?

Can someone please explain this for me and others to understand?

Much thanks!

Bob C.


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Aug 6, 2010
This has been stated previously and you are experiencing the reality. A tablet is NOT a PC and is NOT yet mature enough as a full substitute of a PC. This may be the case in the next generation tablet. But it is certainly not the case now. Think in comparison of a PC and an X-Box. While you can turn a gaming device into a PC, it does not mean you really want to. It is the same case with a tablet.

There have been bloggers who have tried to go PC'less for trips with their IPad only. The same has been done with Android Tablets. In each scenario, none could fully replace the need for a Mac or a PC when they got home. It was described for some as living with numerous limitations. Google and you will discover.

Just the facts. You are living five minutes too far into the future.