Archos 101 Tethering Thread - phone and other broadband cell devices


Jan 1, 2011
Howdy all,

I've seen some posts with info on tethering other models including the one for WinMo phones and the 70. I'd like to start a thread with user experiences for the 101 and other handset types and carriers including apps they are using and procedures. I'm specifically looking for procedures with Sprint and the Evo 4G. I'm sure some with 36 USB dongles would like to know as well.



Handset and Carrier
HTC Evo 4G Sprint


Jan 13, 2011
well I have an A70it, but no dice with Sprint Samsung Moment. Wont see wifi, won't connect via bluetooth either.


Jan 8, 2011
I am currently trying to it. I have a htc hero, I can get my pc to connect to the hero via wifi either with security switched off or using wpa security

I cannot get my S7 to connect - it says it does not like adhoc networks

I found it useful to install Wifi Analyser and Wifi Manager from the market, the analyser makes it possible to see if your phone is at least yodeling.

I found references to getting it working here and on the xda site, however all are rather wooly, in particular about modifying the wpa_suplicant file, where do I need to modify that file on the server or client end ?

Later this evening I will have a good read thru the notes in the wpa_supplicants file, see if I can make some sense out of it


Jun 23, 2010
The file in in the system directory of your Archos Tablet. Makign those edits is suppoed to make it connect to adhoc and not jsut infrastructure. I ahve not been able to get an root access that is not perminant to change that file. I too am looking.

If you find steps that work, let us know. The latest is using the developer edition. You install a new kernel and boot from it as a developer. I have not tried it yet, only asked a few questions about how it works and what it can do.