Archos 101 white screen problem............need help


Jan 10, 2012
Hi guys,

My Mums archos 101 wouldnt turn on so i charged it and nothing happened so i held in the power button and + volume button to reset and the white screen came up but no prompts came up with it, just a plain white screen

Anyone any solution to get the tablet back working

Cheers Nick


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Aug 6, 2010
Try this. Turn it on with the power button and + and leave it on (Even if it has a white screen) until the battery is completely drained. Plug in the device to the 101 power supply. If the unit does not power up to the Archos screen and then Android Screen when you give it external power, then it is dead and needs replacement and repair. If this is the case, go to site and discover how to initiate repair/replacement