archos A70/250 home screen shortcut for files/folder


Feb 11, 2011
hi folks , does anyone know if and how you can make a folder shortcut
(ie. from files on storage) on the homescreen or if there is an app that you get allowing you to make shortcuts


Senior Member
Aug 5, 2010
folder shortcut as in to a folder on your SD card... easiest way i know is to use Astro file manager.... once you load the program.. long press the screen when the dialouge comes up.. select "shortcuts" then "astro".... this will bring up a selection screen as if you are in your file manager navigate to the folder/file you want a shortcut to and select it via long press or tap and then "ok"... this will bring up a dialouge to name the specific shortcut... hit ok and voila... short cut to specific file or folder... there may be apps that will do it specifically but astro has a lot of other features that are handy as well ...