Archos announces new Home Android Tablets


Staff member
Dec 15, 2009

The ARCHOS 7 and the ARCHOS 8 home tablet are two new Android™-based multimedia tablets specifically designed for home use to enhance one’s digital lifestyle. The ARCHOS Home Tablet range bridges the gap between the Smartphone and the desktop PC to provide always-on access to the web and multimedia content in a large-screen format. Their screen sizes are 7” and 8” respectively.

The ARCHOS home tablet are designed for use in the bedroom, the back yard or the kitchen – the hub of the modern home. Large, high resolution screens make them perfect devices for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and much more.

The new devices align with ARCHOS’ strategy to introduce innovative electronic products with extremely aggressive pricing. In this case, the first large-screen Android devices at affordable prices, starting from $179 .

The ARCHOS home tablet create a new range of Android tablets based on an ARM 9 processor @ 600 MHz which will run alongside ARCHOS’ existing Internet Tablets, offering functions, features and applications suited to the home. A complete new range of ARCHOS internet tablet, based on an ARM Cortex up to 1 GHz, will also be launched in the summer 2010 offering a richer set of features with screen sizes from 3” to 10”.