Are There Portable MP3 Players or PMPs Compatible with Android Tablets ?


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Aug 23, 2014
Are there any portible-mp3-players or PMP's that are compatible/manageable with Android tablets ?

I'm new to PMP's, & to computers (seriously), & I've noticed all the portible-mp3-players & PMP's I've looked at so far, state they're compatible with Macintosh, Windows, & Linux, but never say anything about Android.

My only computer is an Android tablet (Nook HD Plus -- soon to be rooted), & I'd be grateful to find out which specific PMP's (or types of) that I could sync/manage with an Android tablet. (My tablet has a micro SD slot, wi-fi, & a USB connection cable. I'm assuming this is enough to connect, sync-with, & manage a PMP ?)

A SERIOUS thankyou for your knowledge !
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