Arnova7 G2 - serious problem that I can't deal with


Apr 18, 2012

Last Christmas I've bought for my two daughters two Archos Arnova 7 G2 tablets. I couldn't manage to download anything from AppsLib (probably because a lot of people have bought them and AppsLib server was not responding because of traffic), so I have found in internet solution to get that tablets 'Googled'. I installed Google Android Market, Gmail, etc. It was working properly until one of tablets started showing messages that apps stopped unexpectedly and was asking to force close. When I did tapped 'force close' button another message box appears with information that another application stopped... and another and another.... constant force close...

I can't choose any other thing on screen, can't go to applications to uninstall something because of that messages...
I am owner of Samsung Galaxy S2 - when something is going wrong I can use hardware buttons to reboot it or clear cache... Arnova hasn't got any hardware buttons unfortunately... How to boot it?

Now is April, It started happening like that in February. I spent last two months trying to find solution on your website and others, but couldn't find it.

The other Arnova 7 G2 tablet is not forcing close, but can't open any video (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player etc)....

Can anyone share his solution for that please. My girls are unhappy that their tablets aren't working and I'm angry on myself that I put price before quality.... If I would buy just 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab they may share it and it would be working forever.... I've spent 180 GBP for two tablets that one is not working at all and second one is not as expected....

Thank you to all that read it up to there. I hope that large community of that forum will find solution to sort this out.
I'm asking once more: Help me please....
...and thank you in advance...


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Aug 6, 2010
I think the only answer for the first is to reapply the firmware. Here is the Archos/Arnova link for Downloads. Follow the instructions as well on the site ARNOVA as well.
The second is a bit more problematic. I assume you have tried different versions of the players. I know there are compatibilility issues on some of the versions with some of the brands of tablets.