As of Feb 13, 2011. Which tablet to get and consider?


Feb 13, 2011
Hi guys, first time posting in this forum. Been doing lots of research lately and wanted to get my hands on one of the tablet. I have an iPhone 4, which to me, super convenient. Though I recently going back to school and hopefully able to get a tablet that help me take notes, rather than rely on note taking on paper.

I do have a decent PC running i7, Raedon 6 series video card and so on. So this is my production and gaming machine. Though I do not have a laptop, guess i totally skipped a computer generation from PC to Tablets instead of PC to Laptop to Tablet. So now I'd consider a tablet instead of laptop.

Here are the few tablets that I am considering as of to date. I would like to hear some comments from you guys because I haven't use Android at all. Though I am open to try something new, and of course, I do look for something that has potential for further growth.

1. Motorola XOOM
-Pretty powerful tablet, has HDMI output, 3G/4G/Wifi enable (despite the fact that they need to sign up for 1 month contract, let's ignore that here), higher resolution than iPad, run Honeycomb, Gyroscope, accelerator, compatible with blue tooth keyboard (big plus here), dual core processor
- Price
My comment:
Powerful tablet, seriously considering this, unless there are more powerful tablet comes out with better price.

2. iPad/iPad 2
- Well established app store with many many apps. Despite there are lots of useless apps. They are there. What made Window powerful because lots of developers make 3rd party software for the OS, so App Store definitely has a good start on this.
- Spec sucks in compare to what's coming out now, no HDMI out, limited UI for developers (compare to honeycomb interface), 95% apps are available on iphone unless exclusive for iPad apps.
I would consider iPad2 if they have retina display, but now they don't, and iPad 2 probably is only a slightly upgraded version of iPad, I don't think this will be a good choice. Unless Honeycomb Android market place isn't offering more apps to catch up to App Store, I might choose iPad though.

3. HP Touchpad
- More or less same spec as Xoom, price rumored to be $599, very tempting. I think this is running on Dual core 2.00 ghz if i remember right?
- Don't know yet, probably release date to be in the Summer?

4. Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1inch
- Recently announced, previous version was a fail, but this version with Honeycomb, 8 mp rear camera, light in weight, dual core 1 ghz processor, also with Galaxy 1 experience which they are creating their 2nd tablet, so to be more "experienced" than the other tablet manufacture which they are only developing their 1st batch. Basically, more reliable?
- Don't know yet, it's all about how Honeycomb works out.

5. RIM Playbook
- Very smooth multi-tasking
- Running their own OS, and their RIM store only has 4,000 apps. Although last i heard is that they are trying to make Android work on their tablet as well, but we'll see.

So what do you guys think? Please let me know if I miss anything.
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Feb 8, 2011
Personally... I was looking for the best hardware for the $$. I found that the Viewsonic G-Tablet is just that.

A few features:

  • Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 Dual cortex A9 (1Ghz)
  • 1080P Multitasking Multitouch
  • 10" Screen
  • 1.3-megapixel Webcam
  • 1 mini USB,1 mini HDMI
  • Base Storage 16G
  • Micro SD card slot support up to 32 GB (48 GB possible total storage)
  • 512 MB DDR2
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n support
  • Price: $399
Now you shouldn't (you can...) keep the stock Android 2.2. Its garbage and everyone knows it. You buy this tab KNOWING your going to root it the day you get it in your hands.

From what I've read... it is the best one out there to date. I don't count the Xoom because... well come on... its $1300 bucks! Not that I can't afford it... its just not logical to buy for that hardware. Its barely better than something that is $400.

Just my opinion,