"Aspect ratio" fix for still images.


Jun 6, 2012
I'm slowly familiarising myself with my E-Tab 7" tablet and learning all the good things it does ( many and wonderful) and the bad things it does ( fewer but seriously annoying!).
The worst fault I have found, and I think mine's is not the only machine with this, is the fact that it insists on displaying all images distorted to fit the wide-screen format - when viewed in landscape(horizontal) mode everything is short and fat and when viewed in portrait(vertical) mode everything is tall and skinny. The problem doesn't arise with video because almost all video-players seem to have a facility for correcting aspect-ratios. I've tried various picture-viewers but none has solved the problem and my only remedy so-far has been to deliberately alter/stretch the shape of my photos in Photoshop on my PC to counter the tablet distortion before loading them onto the tablet for showing to people. This is, of course, a tiresome chore and I would be very grateful if anyone can suggest a solution.
Now that I've made my happy acquaintance with the world of Android tablets, it would be pretty galling to find out that the one I've got can't ever do the main thing I need it for. A better quality replacement costing two or three hundred pounds would certainly be out of reach of my OAP so I'm hoping there is a remedy.