Asus FonePad 7 - User Certificates.


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Jun 23, 2014
Hi All, looking for some constructive advice on getting CA trusted (not self-signed) X.509 User Certificates to be recognised as "trusted" in the Certificate Store on my FonePad 7 tablet.

Situation is the following:

1. Have got signed User Certificates from StartCom (.p12 files)

2. StartCom have a valid Root CA certificate in the System Certificate Store

3. When I load the .p12 file to the root directory of the internal memory and go to Security/Install from Storage and select the .p12 certificate, it asks for the password, then successfully "see's" the contents of the file, including the cerficates, private key and public key.

4. After completing, it says "certificates successfully installed"

5. When I check in Security/Trusted Credentials/User, the only certificate that is visible is the StartCom Intermediate CA, but not the Trusted User Certificate. :confused:

From my research, I found this article from IBM Help - IBM Worklight

It says in there that some Android systems do not recognise Version 1 certificates - that is OK, mine are Version 3, as requested.
The article also says that the Certificate should have basicConstraints = CA:TRUE - mine are issued by a Public CA (StartCom), whose root CA is present, the certificates I have are set as basicConstraints = CA:FALSE

Does anyone know how to get around this problem, as such the device will not load these into the "trusted store", and I cannot get the VPN to work without the certificate. (I am also taking this problem up with StartCom as well to see if a correction can be done).

Any help ideas appreciated.