ASUS "My Library" removed from KitKat 4.4.2 update - best replacement?


Dec 27, 2011
I updated my Asus TF701 to KitKat 4.4.2 the other day and found "My Library" is no longer provided in the preloaded apps. This was absolutely the BEST, simple ePub reader I have ever used and agv me all of the feature I needed. Gone, now ... and I got nowhere with ASUS support, apk file to reinstall it and no recommendation of a like reader that I could get to take it's place.
Does anybody know where I can dowload the "Asus My Library" app? Any recommendations of a simple replacement ... I don't need, or want" huge power & functionality as in Calibre. I keep my library of books on my PC and load some on my tablet that I want to read next, so I don't need a lot of library managent built into the reader. I just want to be able to read ePub format books on my tablet, see the discription of a book, sort by title or author, remember what page I stopped reading at (or ability to bookmark it) and be able to delete the book when read.