ASUS TF101 Encryption change PSK to AES


Jun 5, 2012
Does anyone know how to setup an ASUS TF101 tablet to use AES encryption rather then PSK? All other devices on my network use AES and work as expected. The wireless router does contain MAC ids. I saw on another site that upgrading to Android version 4.0.3 could change the MAC id which sounds incorrect; however, I'm open to anything. Anyone have a problem with this upgrade affecting wireless connectivity or changing the MAC address? Any help would be apprciated.


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Jul 6, 2011
Welcome to the forum!

I just tested this on my TF101.

I have a WRT350N running DD-WRT. I changed from WPA2 - PSK to WPA2 - AES. My Dell Laptop would not connect. Changed to AES in the settings, connected.

On my TF101, opened WiFi networks, forget my current network.
Scan for networks - Find my network. Connect.
It shows WPA2 PSK in the profile. Cannot change it.
Entered the AES password and hit connect - It worked. Verified that it was AES (showed AES on my iPhone as well and had to update that).

Then, I changed it back to PSK so all my other devices work.