Asus TF201: NV Flash Won't Generate Blobs, Error=65280


Junior Member
Jun 26, 2015
My tf201 runs the stock Android 4.1.1, is rooted and unlocked.

Followed the NV Flash directions at (to the letter) up to "wheelie step 2: generate wheelie blobs"

Once I do that, I get:
"Failed to enable wifi. Cancelling upload. Error=65280"

Do you know of any other way to use NV Flash, or to flash any other custom recovery onto the tf201? I have literally spent 5 hours now, searching every Android forum site, using Google/Bing/etc. with every permutation of this problem that I can think of. They all of them bring me back to having to generate the blobs, and then going into NV Flash. I have hit a hard dead end; and, would greatly appreciate any guidance.

Thanks, in advance!

PJ Arts