ASUS to Venture into Android Tablet Market with the Eee Pad Transformer in April


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Jul 9, 2010

Asus demoed the Asus Eee Pad Transformer prototype at CEBIT. It is another Android Honeycomb with Nvidia Tegra 2. It comes with dual-cameras (1.2MP and 5MP), mini-HDMI. The tablet is scheduled to launch sometime in Q2, as early as April.

However, Hexus reported that the device has noticeable stuttering in the interface. This may be due to the reduced RAM as reported on some sources (512MB instead of the 1GB in the Motorola Xoom), but that remains to be seen. It still has an unmodified version of Honeycomb.

The Transformer will come with a €399 price tag for the tablet only. The latch connected keyboard dock is an accessory that adds ports as well as a secondary battery bolstering 8 more hours of battery life to the device for a total of 16 hours. The screen is a 10.1 1280x800 capacitive multitouch display.

Here's a demo video from Netbooknews:

Sources via thanks to unknown owner in our Asus forum
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Jan 23, 2011
Asus is a good brand in the laptop market but would of never guessed they would venture to the android market and by the looks of it. They topped it off with a good start.

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Nov 26, 2010
What I find interesting is how well this tablet will run once it has 1GB RAM. From what I've heard this tablet will be able to get upgraded to 1GB... which IMHO... is a big deal!