ASUS Zenpad - Casting To In-Car Screens/Monitors


Junior Member
May 21, 2018
Dear all,

I would appreciate some advice on this point if possible:

My understanding is that Zenpads do not have a "video out" socket, meaning they cant be hooked up to other devices by wires.

Instead they use something called Miracast to cast to other devices, which of course must support Miracast.

I have been looking at in-car screens/monitors - for mounting on the back of the front seat headrests - which have built-in DVD players and typically have USB slots.

If I got one of these USB dongles:

Could I be confident of being able to cast from the Zenpad to the screen(s) in the car?

(There's another question - can you cast the same thing to more than one device at once?)

It would just be so much easier if an adult in the passenger seat could control what is on the rear screens and when, rather than having to stop the car to make adjustments.

Thanks for any advice!