AW A31s - Colorovo Citytab Vision 7,85


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Aug 7, 2015
Hello .
My English is poor so use google translator.I apologize in advance for errors

I would ask for any help, suggestions on what can be wrong, and so..

I have a problem with the inclusion of the tablet ( Model: CVT-CTV-785-QC-BT )
, exactly the

Since yesterday evening I had it plugged into the charger (Nokia AC 10E - 1.2A, gdzyz at these moments do not have the original -2.0) because I thought the battery empty is but I'm trying enable this morning and also, unfortunately, is impossible; /

Tablet when connected to PC with Windows 8 64bit does not start up or anything, but the computer can hear the sound as it is while normal usb connect -Overall such as turns on something on a normal device USB) devices and menedrzerze unknown device appears with an exclamation point and on the window description:

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To find the driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Of course -wyszukaj click update automatically gives nothing because he writes with Windows can not install device

When connecting a PC under Windows XP 32 bit also does not turn but a window pops up with a message about the new device and install drivers

Tablet normally Connecting

and one more thing
as the tablet is switched on the USB is how are pressing the RESET button that you can hear sound as if odpielo device and again after the release wpielo and of course does not start up or anything
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