Basic Questions Related To Custom ROMs And Xiomi Redmi Note 4


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Jan 31, 2013
Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have redmi note 4 which has snap dragon octa core processor, 4 GB ram, 64 GB ROM. I am searching best ROM for redmi note 4 and found resurrection.

Previously I have searched a ROM for my lenovo a3000 h tablet and flashed and after that I have faced a number of problems. I have strived up to 7 months to flash stock ROM and finally it worked fine. That ROM was downloaded from XDA forum site.

At present as I want to flash custom ROM which doesn't trouble me I mean mal functioning, camera not working etc., can you try to suggest best ROM which is suitable for redmi note 4.

Up to now I have used a number of Linux OS's like opensuse, debian, fedora etc., and I have idea on development of software in open source world and release of the os but I don't have any idea on custom ROMs.

May I know which ROM is best among recently updated and which was updated previously.

I think that the ROM which was updated previously I mean old is best than latest because bug fixes are done frequently to old one than latest.

If you think any particular ROM is best and in that latest is best please specify the link to download.

Mainly I use redmi note 4 for listening music and so please specify any ROM Which is best for music.