Best stylus for drawing?


Jan 1, 2012
I've been looking for a stylus to draw on my Sony Tablet S using Sketchbook, so I bought the Logiix Stylus Pro, which is branded as good for both writing and drawing. It sucks, badly. It skips a lot not only for drawing, but also for simple tasks like scrolling on websites (it'd zoom instead of scroll when I drag the screen, beacue it skips so it gets recognized as a double tap). On top of that, for it to get recognized by the screen it requires plenty of pressure.

I read a comment on YouTube that all rubber tipped stylus are the same, in that case, what's the best stylus for drawing? I hope you guys can help me.

And also on topic - I'm about to buy the full version of Sketchbook, is it the best drawing app available, or there's anything better? Thanks in advance!

Tom T

Senior Member
Feb 18, 2011
The real problem here is the capacitive screen was not designed for stylus use. For whatever reason a capacitive stylus works better on some tablets than others, on my 7" Galaxy Tab they were next to useles because, like the trouble you had, it wouldn't consistently work, making it impossible to use for, say Grafitti. On my Transformer and Kindle Fire they actually work pretty well, though not accurate enough for drawing. Of course, apps like Sketchbook are designed with the capacitive screen in mind and overcome some of the limitations, although not in an intuitive manner, at least for me.

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