BlackBerry Desktop Software


Nov 18, 2010
I have an android tablet pc on the way to me...I can't blackberry storm has a companion desktop software that allows me to access my files via usb. It also allows me to connect to the internet via the phone via tethering. Was wondering if the blackberry desktop software would download and install on the android platform.. If not any way to get windows based programs to install on the tablet. Thanks for you help.. I am a newbie so any suggestions are help would be great. I would really like to tether the phone to the tablet for access to in the internet anywhere. Since tablet does not have bluetooth, the option of bluetooth tether is out of the question. Thanks again for any help


Nov 8, 2010
Blackberry Desktop software is proprietary to Blackberry devices, as HTC Sync is with HTC phones, etc etc...unless your tablet comes bundled with similar software then you will have to do all of this the old fashioned way. With Android, if you connect a USB device to the tablet, you will be prompted on the tablet to mount as disk drive, if you do this, you'll have a window pop up on your computer (if using Windows) and it will function very much like a USB flash drive. The trick is if you want to mount the SD card, mount "External", if you want to view the filesystem on the tablet itself, mount "Internal."

As for tethering, if you are trying to tether FROM the BB to the tablet, then this would be an app dependent on the BB...the tether apps available for Android are to share its internet with other devices, not receive internet.

If the BB has a way to turn on USB tethering without the use of the Desktop software, you'll be good to go I think...never heard of a tethering arrangement like that though...typically users want to share their Android phone's internet with other devices, which is super easy to set up, but as for the BB you will need to find an app.