Bluetooth Keyboard Used To Connect To TELC-1013GIQP


Junior Member
Dec 29, 2016

I purchased a Superfly 10.1" a month ago, I managed to connect the keyboard with no problem, but since yesterday, it did not want to connect to the tablet anymore.

I removed the keyboard from the Bluetooth list and try to connect it again. It fails to pair.

This is the steps I follow:
1. Enable the Bluetooth connection on the tablet.
2. Switch the keyboard on and press and hold the connect button, until the blue light flashes.
3. I Click on Refresh to start the search for the keyboard.
4. The keyboard appears in the Bluetooth list.
5. I click on the keyboard (Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard) name to connect and start pairing.
6. The blue light is still flashing on the keyboard.
7. I get a notification of the code to enter on the keyboard, but then disappears again. And another notification states that tablet could not pair, because the PIN or passkey is incorrect. ( I don't get a chance to enter the pin displayed into the keyboard)

I've tried to switch off the keyboard and switch it back on again. It is still available in the Bluetooth list, but sometimes states that it can't communicate to the keyboard, and sometimes it gives the pin code again. Entering the pin, just return the message that the pin code is incorrect.

The keyboard battery is fully charged.

If anybody is able to assist me with this I would appreciate it tremendously.