Bluetooth On Additional/Restricted Profiles


Senior Member
Mar 8, 2013

I have a Kindle Fire 7 for my little boy which has been rooted and I've now tried a couple of different ROMs due to the appalling FireOS. Everything is fine and he is allowed access to what I want him to have but not what I don't.

However, having just bought him some Bluetooth headphones for Christmas to use with it on his restricted profile, I have run into a problem in that the bluetooth service won't start. I have now tried creating a new profile that is not restricted i.e. normal user, but that also has the same problem. Under my profile, bluetooth works fine and connects to the headphones. Under any other profile, the bluetooth service just shows 'turning bluetooth on' and flits back and forth without ever doing anything.

I've found very little on the internet about this. The Android version is 5.1.1 and having tried it on my Nvidia Shield K1 running 6.1 I see that I can create a restricted profile and still use bluetooth.

Does anyone know if this is a known Lollipop issue or if there is a workaround? It seems insane to disable bluetooth on any other profiles.