Bolt Browser Out of Beta, Now in the Android Market


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Mar 16, 2011


The BOLT browser is now out of private beta and is ready to be installed on to your Android phone. The BOLT browser is said to offer the fastest page loads of any browser on Android, 25% to 50% faster than the competition. The software supports pinch-to-zoom, tabbed browsing, URL auto-complete and a social tab that brings you an always-on connection to Facebook.

With the BOLT browser, pages render just as you see them on your desktop PC and the browser gives you video support for YouTube, ESPN, CNN and more even if your phone does not have Flash installed. Flash and HTML5 video can be viewed with "adaptive compression" for quick viewing.

The BOLT browser also allows you to save web pages and images to use offline. The browser uses WebKit based "cloud-computing architecture" and is available for free in the Android Market for those using Android 2.1 or higher.


Some features:

- Superior browsing, rendering Web pages just as they appear on personal computers
- Fastest page loading on Android devices
- Social Tab so you can enjoy always-on, easy access to Facebook
- Device independent Flash and HTML5 video with adaptive compression
- Tabbed browsing, URL auto-complete, a download manager, web history, cookies and more
- Ability to save Web pages and images for offline usage
- Support for JavaScript and Facebook applications/games like Mafia Wars
- Easy management of your favorites and ability to save them in the cloud
- Text copy/paste, click-to-call and pinch-to-zoom
- Full support for all Web mobile security standards
- RSS support for subscribing to Web-based RSS feeds
- Extended navigation support for physical keyboard with keyboard shortcuts
- Web Apps for quick access to Web services
- Best-in-class data compression maintains Web page integrity while being easy on data plans
- WebKit based cloud-computing architecture

Grab it today from the Android Market
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Oct 9, 2011
Can it be downloaded from anywhere else, the market is unfortunately absent from my tablet and I really want to find out if this can be a rival to Dolphin browser


Mar 19, 2011
This is a really poor product, and you reporting on it, in a small way, may appear to some as recommending it.
Slow. Freezes. As crappy as all the reports at the market claim.
Uninstalling it.


Aug 15, 2011
The first page of the Bolt browser looks great but alot like Opera browser. Bolt seems to be more slower rather than quicker and is still prone to crashing more than Opera or Dolphin. (Tested with Iconia A500)