Boot Loops/ SD card issues: HELP!


Mar 23, 2011
Pardon for the long post...but i need help fixing my Nook Color. Made this account just to post.

Ok, I am having some major issues with rooting my nook color. I most likely have screwed up almost everything possible. I have been at this for weeks, and I finally decided I needed to ask for help.

First: About a week ago I decided to root my nook color. Following the nookdev's tutorial, everything worked out fine. I wrote the sd card easily, no problems booting, etc.

For one reason or another (I believe it was while attempting to flash some sort of rom), the nook began to go into a boot loop, where it wouldnt go past the "Touch the Future..." screen. At this time, clockwork recovery was still on my nook, so by searching around, I thought that perhaps that was the problem, so I got rid of it. This is a horrible mistake, as to now the boot loop remained, and I had no way to easily boot from an SD card.

After frantically searching for help, I was able to get out of the "Touch.." screen and go to the next screen, with the giant N. I have tried writing clockwork recovery to an SD card for many times, but kept getting "Error 8" while using Win32dskimgr. It wasnt until this morning that I discovered that by formatting the SD card, i was able to write on it once again. Thus the nook did some sort of "software update" and i was back to some sort of stock.

Stupid me tried to root again. I followed the same instructions, putting Autonooter 3.0 on the SD and plugging it in, but something went wrong again. More boot loops, except this time it was the android animation that was freezing. So i tried to use the factory reset, in hopes that it would revert to stock once more. Now i am stuck on the "Nook Color: by barnes and noble" screen, in another boot loop.

Ad it gets worse: while writing the autonooter sd card, i found that i cannot revert it back to normal, and my 2 gb sd is now saying it can only hold around 30 mb. Formatting does nothing.

Also, i have no knowledge of ADB, but still tried to get my nook recognized, but to no avail.

I desperately need help. Am i too far in the hole? Or can i fix this?

TL;DR : Nook was rooted, i was an idiot, now it is stuck in a boot loop. Clockwork is gone, and my SD card wont revert to normal. What do?


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Jan 6, 2011
This is not so bad, but you need to slow down understand what you are doing and stop compounding errors.

1. It sounds like you only have 1 SD card so first you need to get that reformatted or get a second card. A simple reformat will not work because as you noted burning the autonooter image to the SD card repartitions the card. You need to use a program that will allow you to repartion the card to full size and format.

2. Once you have a viable SD card follow this thread to create a bootable SD card and make sure you have uninstalled ClockWork recovery.

This will either get you back to stock or a custom ROM depending on what you decide to do in the thread above. If you don't understand the two items above ask questions before chargning ahead. :)


Feb 28, 2011
you're fine. you're not where you want to be, but you are not in a place where you can't get back.

get a new SD card and follow the instructions in the link J5 posted

Short insturctions:
Get clockword bootable on SD card.
2. put stock rom on sd card
3. boot CWR on sd card, wipe and format system data cache..etc
4. install stock rom from zip
5. unmount card and restart
6. go back and read rooting threads before trying to root again
7. root following the instructions
8. go to UD, CM7, or PM5.1
9. drink beer. be happy.


Mar 23, 2011
Thanks Feejay and J515OP. I got CM7 up and running and everything is working perfectly.

I did exactly what J515OP said, and I found that my main issue was Win32, which kept getting Error 8. Thanks to the wonderful people at #nookcolor, I downloaded Winimage and wrote Clockwork easily. From there I installed CM7 and everything has worked out beautifully.

Thanks a bunch, you guys took a huge load off my back.


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Jan 21, 2011
Welcome! Glad you got things worked out, now that you are running I recommend a good nand backup and maybe even a second SD for recovery just in case. :)