bought the tab pc haven't a clue about it....yes I'm help please


Oct 28, 2011
the android 2.2 WiFi 3g , can I use it to read
books - like Microsoft reader file and pdf file? Can I install programs on it , like comical, which is a
comic book reading program. Can i drag and
drop folders onto it from my pc?:confused:


Senior Member
Sep 6, 2011
Welcome to the forum and we're glad to have you.

Yes to all of these. Not Microsoft Reader but it will read ePub, PDF and other popular formats. You can install programs from thousands listed on the Market app store and Amazon Appstore and others. They are called apps instead of programs. There are several comic book apps available on the app stores as well. Some are free. In fact there are hundreds of free ones available. Lastly, when you plug you data cable into you USB on your PC the tablet opens up like a flash drive and you can drag-and-drop photos, music, books, documents and so on to the tablet. No syncing required like iPad or the old days of Palm Pilot.

Good luck with you new toy, ask plenty of questions, and may God bless.