BPDN 7 " need some advice on rooting and model number


Jun 2, 2012
hey all, still new to this forum but have been reading up on how to root and am getting confused about the different black pdn 7" and model
numbers.i tried searching my model number and cant find anything on it.i want to root my bpdn but dont want to screw it up by using the wrong zip files.

my model number is PRD07T20WBL10P1
hardware platform is RD101-2gb-W
firmware version is S64N_SLST_KOBO_P1_2010
kernal version is 2.6.27 [email protected]

what would i need to upgrade it to use other apps and have some more of the perks? are the files for the white version compatible with mine?

i tried updating it thru pandigital website and it downloaded twice but when i went to install it it says can find file.would i even need to do that if i am rooting it?
also do i have to put the zip files on my sd card or just use the internal memory? if i use my sdcard do i need to keep the files on the card after everything is installed and working?

sorry for all the questions but ive been reading up on this for 2 days and the more i read the more i get confused with all the terminology
and different things i can do toit.

much appreciated for any and all info in the right direction