Bricked Allwinner A31 Xido X111 Tablet


Junior Member
Dec 30, 2015
Hey guys,

so the problem is that my Xido X111 Tablet is stuck in the boot animation, and I can't fix it. Atleast I can still access the fastboot mode and the recovery.

Things I've already done:

  • Perform a full wipe in the stock recovery

  • Wiping through fastboot

  • Trying to install an Allwinner a31 TWRP and CWM, but for Onda not Xido...

  • Flashing alot of a31 stock firmwares through fastboot (But not xido)
I don't know what to do else, I'm trying so hard to find a firmware for xido x111 but I can't find anything.

Can someone help me?