broken display


Aug 31, 2012
I have a cheap tablet pc of what you can find on ebay:
Processor: VIA8650
OS: Android 2.2
GHz: 800MHz(High Speed!)
Memory: RAM 256M
FlashMemory: 4G

on ebay:
7 Inch Touch Screen Android 2.2 VIA 8650 WIFI Tablet PC With Camera Memory 4G | eBay

From the first day it had a problem where you could feel that display is not kept right at the back of touch screen and there is space between them. After some one year the display stopped working at all but if you press the touch screen a little, you could have it working! After some time this also stopped and I now have it not working at all.

Now chances I get the display back is low, if you know a test I could verify if my display is at all alive, please let me know.

Not even dreaming it to be alive, what I'm for, is that if there is a hack I can access the linux of it via 'adb' and just control the device remotely, use just its computing power. I googled but didn't get something useful (may be not searching with right keywords, my English is not native by the way).

Before, I coupled this with a custom Arduino and motor controllers and connected it to google cloud and programmed so that I could command motors from cloud->android->ethernet->arduino->motor-controller, and it worked well. I don't remember if I removed permission for usb debug or not.

Is there any hack so that I absolutely don't need to access to display, to gain the control of the device? Any useful link about when the display stops working and you want to continue using the device please?

Thank you,