Browser hacked, vandroid and smartdrone


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Mar 6, 2015
Hello - I wonder if you could help. The default browser on Android tablet has been taken over by either Vandroid news or Smart Drone. Every time I open it, one of the sites is set as the home page. I have tried to change the homepage on settings, done a factory/master reset and none of these have worked.

I also installed AVG and Ad Network detector as recommended on some other forums and they did not pick anything up that changed anything. Can anyone help? Videos are not playing either - I don't know if that's related to the problem, just thought I'd mention it just in case.

It's my dad's tablet and he said things started to 'go funny' after he went on a weather app, so I have disabled those just in case. For ref it's a DJC Touchlite tab running Android 4.2.2. Frimware - v 2.0.8

Any ideas?


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Dec 27, 2011
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It sounds like a rogue app has taken over. Some free apps have so many ads it gets in the way, or it may have been an app infected with malware. You could try installing malwarebytes to see if it can find the problem. If you do a factory reset it "should" solve the problem, but only if you tell the tablet NOT to sync with Google when you set it back up as that could install the offending app again, over and over.