Bugger, I broke it :-(


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2010
Well, the subject line says it all. I have CM7 installed complete with GApps. They have been on it for about a month and I have been reasonably happy. The only little annoyance is that it seemed to be a little slow and not as smooth as it should be. So I went to the Nook Tools (I think that's what it called) and looked at increasing the processor speed. There were several levels of CPU speed and voltage levels. I didn't touch the voltage levels (didn't get a chance!) but did adjust the CPU speeds on all the levels (5 in total I think). Can't remember what I changed them to but I didn't get too radical but apparently I went too far and now my NC locks up not long after my wallpaper appears, some of the icons appear but not all of them.
Bugger! :(

I know it can be recovered by re-flashing CM7, I just wanted somewhere to come and cry...