Business card holder with pocket = perfect fit for S7


Feb 23, 2011
Stopped in Office Depot when on a trip (we don't have any where I live) and looked around for a business card holder like Morg's ( Didn't see anything matching his, but found another that works great for me as a carrying case.

It's got a deep pocket that the S7 slides into perfectly and a zipper closure. Lots of padding and big enough to give protection around the edges. It's not like other business card holders, just space for a few cards and some other large but thin pockets, no clear plastic sleeves to remove. Works as-is with no mods. I take the S7 out to use it, but it would be pretty easy to sew in some elastic bands on the side opposite the big pocket if you prefer to mount it there.

Funny thing, Office Depot doesn't have this on their web site, they only have a much smaller one there in the same style, Foray Business Card Wallet Brown by Office Depot.