Buying a tablet in the US for use in the UK


Apr 17, 2012
Hi guys, im looking at possibly getting the new samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1, due to sammy prices in the UK being about 30% more im considering getting my girlfriend to pick one up in florida for me as shes going on holiday in a few weeks.

Are there any potential issues with doing this? Will i be able to just put an adapter on the charger and be able to charge it safely or will i have to buy a complete UK power cable with a transformer to cope with the uk voltage etc? Also would there be any issues with the android market with purchasing things if the tablet was intended to be used in the US? Would i be able to change the language to UK english from american english?



I can possibly answer SOME points but not all.

Most new chargers can handle 100-240 volts check the rating on the charger. An adapter may be all that is required.
There is a difference between U.S. and U.K. English? Apart from the ideosyncratic spelling of common words?

The Android Market one I can't answer but if the Market reads the device fingerprint I guess you'll be OK.

Edit: since this is a tablet and not a phone there should be no problem about it being locked to a particular Carrier and also no problem with SIM Cards, or the lack thereof!
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