Can anyone help D:


Feb 11, 2013
Okay so i have a problem with my moms samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet at first it was fine then my brother downloaded a rather big game and it shut off while he was playing it. he thought it died so he put it on the charger. he tried to turnitbackon and it wudnt turn on i looked at it let it charge for about 10 min but the battery bar wasnt coming up that normally does when it charges. i plugged it into my computer thinking mabey the chager burnt out and it flashed the opening samsung logo then shut of it did this about 12 times then nothing i tryed all the trouble shooting restarts nothing worked so i left it on the charger all night then this morning it turned on but if you pull it off the charger it shuts off. can anyone tdll me whats wrong with it so mabey my mom doesnt kill my brother if its not his fault. and is there anythinb i can do to fix it or should i try to take it back.


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Dec 27, 2011
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It's difficult to say for sure what's going on. The problem may be the charger, the cable or the charging circuit in the tablet. I doubt your brother could have caused that if that makes you feel any better.

It will charge plugged into a running PC if the cable is OK but it will charge slowly. My first suggestion would be to plug it into the PC for 4-5 hours then see if it starts up as it sounds like it may just be outa gas.