Can anyone tell me what tablet this is?


Feb 11, 2011
I won the bidding on ebay for a tablet (probably a mistake)
The seller didn't say what model it is and I've tried searching online to find it but with those specs, I can't seem to find a match.

This is the only picture the user posted;

and the description is;

Here are the key features of this gadget that you might wanna know about:

  • ePad
    [*]3G HSDPA-7.2mbps mobile internet connection (expect some good browsing while on the go, but then again it depends on your network provider)
    [*]7inches capacitive screen – this is what I’d like to call not too big, not too small, and to quote Goldilocks: “it’s just right!”
    [*]380g weight – great for carrying around without your arms feeling sore
    [*]Android 2.2 froyo – BIG PLUS POINTS for this OS, now you can watch your youtube videos on the browser and do all those other flash enabled things you wanna do as this OS supports Flash 10.1. Froyo ftw!
    [*]1.06ghz processor – sounds powerful and all but I wonder how it will work out in the end…
    [*]3.0mp w/ flash – the megapixel sounds good and so does the flash but we won’t really know till we see the photo quality in actual reviews
    [*]Full HD player and recorder – wow, this thing can really pack it up.
    [*]A-GPS – with Google maps working on this thing I don’t think I’ll ever get lost again.
    [*]7 hours movie play - okay this sounds really really good but I’m more particular on how long a gadget can last while running on wifi or 3G
    [*]16G memory and up to 32G Micro Sd slot- imma say that the 16G should be for the Apps and the 32G for all other media files and the like, is the 16G for apps good enough? I have a Samsung Galaxy Spica with around 180mb internal memory and it’s working okay for me.
    [*]Swype – again something new that I’d like to check out, swyping instead of typing. We know how difficult it will be to type with keys quite far apart as compared to mobile phones.

    So does anyone know what tablet this is? I've contacted the seller asking for more info but I only won the bidding Today, so I need to wait for a responce. Hopefully the seller will be able to tell me more.
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Jul 9, 2010
Gome Flytouch. One of the worst Android tablets ever put into mass production.


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Aug 4, 2010
But many users own one also, so go figure. Until Android OS 1.6 dies out still going to have these models around, but they seem to get worst and worst though. In 2009 to 2010 those seems to be okay with 256MB and in late 2010 to 2011 those are the ones with issues. No Vibrate (Fake ones), Blue light, green headphone jack. Just way to many clone versions with so many modified Android OS 1.6 along with outrageous build numbers from WMT2.x.x_xxx. CPU rated at 300MHz by VIA/WM8505 are actually 174MHz they disabled CPU FREQ. With VIAWMT8505+ those are suppose to go to 400MHz again same disabled CPU FREQ and they run at 174MHz. Some can be over clocked to reach 400MHz but then they're unstable, overheat and crashed.
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Feb 11, 2011
So this was probably a bad buy then? The only reason I got it was for my Mother. She has one of those umm tiny notebooks, I don't know exactly what they are called;

and it's terribly slow! she can't use facebook, which is the main reason why she wanted it. It takes forever to open up the explorer. So I decided to get her this tablet.

As long as she can use Facebook and play some games on it and it runs faster than the notebook, then it should be fine.
All the details the seller listed though, made it sound like a great buy, I was searching through loads of listings and this one seemed to have the best features for the same price.... :(
Does it have what's listed? Or did the seller lie? Because the seller listed it with "no refunds" but I think if all the above specs are wrong, then that's false advertising isn't it? I should be able to complain and get a refund on it... I hope so anyway. I'll see how it works when it arrives.

Thanks for the help :)