Can Apple's iOS really beat Google's Android?


Dec 20, 2010
if the iPhone can beat Android as a mobile phone OS. I still don’t think it can in the long run, but a CDMA or dual-band iPhone will certainly give Android a run for its money in the mobile space. However, I’ll gladly take some fragmentation if it means I can have a variety of devices made smarter, better, and more connected by their use of Android. Hardware and software developers don’t think of iOS as an embedded operating system. Android, on the other hand, can absolutely be the embedded OS for a new generation of devices. And several million smartphones along the way.
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Jun 30, 2010
i dont think ios can beat android even if they go to verizon because apple is the only company making iphones but every major cell phone maker is making android phones and even none cellphone companies are using android for different things


Dec 5, 2010
Put it this way. When no additional creativity is allowed your lightbulbs run out and so does your stock. Goodbye iphone cuz its the same setup all the time

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Dec 7, 2010
-Android is Open Source so first poit goes to android.

-you can buy android products from alot different companys not only Apple, so there is a fair market goven for elec. products with a great system. 2nd point for android

- bot work verry nice, diffrent but both nice. Point for both
-Android is way more flexible and is coming up bigger in 2011. point for android
-Not only one market and closed system, thorugh open source alot of developers and other markets accesable. Another point for Android

5 to 1 for ANDROID.
And i could go on.

I mean i like the apple os, but its just not cool, that it is so closed down and only aimed for apple.
Its just for them to make money out of it only.