Can tablets cast .... is Magch any good as a cheap tablet ... shutting off screen while listening to youtube?


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Sep 12, 2022
Thanks so much to Traveller (the Administrator) straightened me out on Android 11 and GO versions.

Gave me some great advice.

So I searched ... and read ... and searched ... and read ...

I "think" I found a decent unit ...

Magch M101 ... $135 (minus %5 coupon so about $130)

I read all the reviews ... found a youtube review ...

Camera seems to be junk .. but I am not buying it to take pictures ... someone else complained it got hot?

Android 11 .. octa-core (though they don't say what processor) ...

6000 mAh battery (if you can believe them) ... dual wifi ... 64GB

One question I did have ... none of the tablets I looked at have an HDMI port.

Will they cast to a TV?

Here is the link to the unit ... I know it is not much to go on but any comments before I order it?

Again, I am really just using it for Youtube ... I think the only other app I ever used was one to read my cars trouble light ... I am not a gamer.

Last question ... I see there is apps to shut down the screen while listening to youtube ... do they work?

Since most of the time I am listening not watching, it would be great to shut off the screen and save power.

Thanks again .... Mike