Cannot conect to wifi network during startup

Roger Blair

Junior Member
Feb 26, 2024
I'm trying to set up a Darkview (Hong Kong brand) Android tablet unning Android 12 on a network. I had to do a system reset on the device, so I'm starting from scratch. Right off the bat, I'm asked for my network connection: I enter the network ID and password an select WPA2 Personal for my security level (the same my functioning laptop) and click on "Save", but the tablet won't save the network information, so it won't connect. It doesn't seem to detect the network, as the network is not icluded in the listing of available networks. I can't proceed with the setup without connecting, and my Windows 10 laptop had no trouble connecting. How do I add the network?


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
Your preferred WiFi network must be running in the 5GHz band. The tablet only supports 2.4GHz bands (802.11 b/g/n) which is why the tablet isn't seeing it. If your router has 2.4GHz capability - and most do - enable it to connect the tablet.