Cannot connect to the internet on my polaroid tablet from my wireless router


Jan 10, 2013

I have an android polaroid tablet. I cannot connect to the internet from my wireless router. But if I make my phone a hotspot I can get on the internet just fine. I can get on the internet on my labtop on my wireless router. I have reset the tablet a few times. Gone back to the factory settings but I still cannot connect to the internet. ANY suggestions are appreicated!!!



Oct 16, 2012
Hi Piper. Is your wireless Internet access via your modem at home password protected? Have you accessed your modem to discover what that password is and are you using the correct protocol and encryption? Knowing these settings may make all the difference. Usually you access the modem settings via a cable through a desktop PC using a browser. The modem address is typically but the end address could anything from 1 to 255 depending on how the modem was set up or if it's in it's default setting. Accessing the modem via a wireless access point is possible but difficult as setting are usually blocked from access that way and the best way is via a network cable. you should read your modem manual or if it's missing then find it on the modem manufacturer's website to find how to access your particular modem. knowing these setting is crucial to be able to connect via wireless. These are just generic instructions on how to connect your tablet via a wireless modem. Hope it helps.