Cannot Use Tablet After Kobo Vox Factory Reset


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Nov 12, 2019
Hi A.T. Community,

Having clicked on the Factory Reset button the device a Kobo Vox Ereader only took a few inutes to reset, it then booted into a Getting started menu the first 3 sections
1, scan for networks went well and connected to my router no problem
2, check for updates tried to check but moved swiftly on to
3, date & time setup making sure GMT, etc etc was input correctly
4, almost done! it states chose an option

"I have a Kobo account" or
"I'm new to Kobo"

selecting either of these the screen changes to "Create a New Account".........connection error
please try your connection and try again....the website is down or no longer obtainable
or a suggestion was that andriod does not work with the internet protocol of my router SSL or ?

does anyone know or have a suggestion of how to get rid or through this menu screen as I only wish to use tablet for movies or browsing.

Can a new operating system be put on via a sd card ( but it would have to over ride existing?
any help appreciated



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Jun 16, 2012
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Older Kobo Devices Require Update; Kobo Ending Support for Sony Readers, Kobo Mini | The eBook Reader Blog

The links above pretty much say it all. The Vox is no longer supported by Kobo. Prior to February 28th your device needed to be updated to continue working. Apparently that update was never undertaken. As a result, you are out of luck, unless you can find a way to manually apply the update. At this point, you want to contact Kobo, as they can do one of two things for you: give you a means of updating the device so you can continue using it, or exchange the Vox for a newer device.