Cant buy Android tablets here but would like lates with flash


Jul 7, 2010
Hi all,
Sorry brand new to all things tablet and Android but after searching through your site am defintaly android hooked.

I'm in Sydney Australia and Andoir Tablets jsut dont seem to be around other than good old ebay. I read a post here about flash being only android 2.2? if I got an older android can it be upgraded.
Basically I'm after wifi and would love 3G but ipad has no flash and probbaly never will I like the freedom of android.

Would mainly be used for diary / calendar / notes and internet.
thanksand sorry for silly questions but cant find where to start (need the SILLY Newbie's start here page) lol


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Jun 30, 2010
welcome to the forum and android in general and your correct flash is only om android 2.2 you cant upgrade most tablets though which sucks but the gentouch is in the works to getting hacked and cyanogenmod 6 put on which is a 2.2 rom but that still doesnt mean flash will work. and there are some tablets coming out soon that will be running 2.2 natively which i would wait for those or you can just buy a cheap tablet now for ebooks and to get use to android and then when the nicer ones come out spring for those