Change of heart


Dec 26, 2010
Really had my mind set on an Archos 70 but @ the last minute decided I'd rather have the 101. I want something I can carry around all the time wherever I go. I wish it (101)would come with the 16gb for close to the same price as I was hoping for. Does anyone have one and if so how much do you like it? Knowing what you know now would you have gotten something else. Give me the good and bad if you would please.


Nov 12, 2010
am thinking of the GTab; waiting for prices to drop a bit more though;
havent seen many custom ROMs for the archos as yet; which again is making me think of the gTab.


Nov 13, 2010
I just purchased an A70 on Amazon yesterday. I've been researching android tablets for some time. It suits all of my needs best so I am very exited for its arrival. I figured I can live with out the 250gb .

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Dec 6, 2010
Ive had my 101 since dec 16th, its better than I expected to be honest, really good.

I can read books and comics easily, I can output to tv via HDMI, I have a wireless mouse set up with it,
I have a Wii remote set up for playing emulator games on the archos or on the tv!, I can access my networked
media using UPNP, I can wirelessly transfer files to it ffrom my pc using FTP, I can control my pc using it with Gmote,
It plays every movie file I have tried using Vplayer and the built in video player, etc. etc.

Its light, and reasonably solid feeling, it does flex a bit but doesnt feel flimsy. The screen isn't iPad quality, but not
nearly as bad as some reviews suggest, its bright, crisp, responsive.

the battery easily lasts me 2 days, sound quality and volume are good but not great, but through a good set of
headphones are perfectly acceptable.

I think its a great size and shape, but maybe not as portable as the 70 without a good case.
(I found that a double cd wallet it exactly the right size fro the 101 by the way without the plasic insert.)

look on - View forum - Archos 101 Internet Tablet for more info and reviews

Once you get the market on the 101/70 and a good launcher like Launcherpro or Zeam, and set the cpu
back to 1ghz through the power management option screen, they are really fast, stable and responsive.

I definately recommend the 101.