China brand of Tablet PC and OEM Tablet PC?

Feb 16, 2012
China Brand Tablet pc has a complete product quality certification, For example: CE / ROHS / CCC in the quality can comparable with international well known brands,many China brand Tablet PC factory help the international brand Tablet PC to do the processing.So the quality of the china brand Tablet PC is guaranteed.In addition, the after service of China brand tablets is better than the OEM tablets. upgrade the latest firmware timely, one-year after service ,These are the OEM factory can not do.How to distinguish?
1.check shell packaging carefully,China Brand Tablet pc will print the LOGO on machine,the product has the producing area, bar code, manual, warranty card and so on. OEM no.
2, most of the brand Tablet PC will printe production sequence number on the machine, for Depot Repair. OEM no. focus on the sale of China brand Tablet PC, allows you to enjoy world-class quality with the least money!