China Tablets to recommend


Mar 5, 2012
For China pads, it is not so straight forward like seeing the specs and deciding. Went to check out many vendors in HK last round. On the box says one thing, open up and try another different story.
Build quality is borderline horrible. You can only hope it works. HOwever, based on the price, it is worth the risk. Skip the creative tablet. The build quality might be better but the whole experience is about the same as the china pads.
More reputable pads in China is the Zenithpad which is available in Europe under their brand and they are also OEM for some Europe carriers. Another popular choice is Herotab which is also quite good.
If you are those who like to custom rom and modify things, buy the china pads, trust me you will spend many nights trying to solve niggling problems like, rooting, changing battery, opening it up, extending battery life etc.
If you can get it to work properly, congratulations, you can show it to your friends that you managed to buy a tablet at just a fraction of the cost of the ipad and yet functionally it is comparable to the ipad.
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Nov 8, 2011
I have iveiw 710, coby 8125, ployer momo8, Velocity Micro cruz 104, the worst is the cruz, the best is the momo8, the next best is 8125, then 710. They all work as they should no problems out of any of them currently I only use two of them the momo8 and 8125. I use the momo8 the most as it can do everything better than the other tablets.

Most tablets are pretty good stay away from most epads and you will be ok.