Chinese tablet pc (boot loop)


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Feb 7, 2016

I have tablet pc which is been caught in boot loop fir three years , i have taken it to the market , many people have seen it but none can fix it as people generally don't know how to backup stock ROM from the device it self , the only way they know is to flash a new ROM on to a tablet or phone , here in Karachi, Pakistan.

here is the specs of my tablet PC

Hardware : Sun4i
Model : MID
Build NO: crane_MID-eng 4.0.3 IML74K20120402test-keys
Build Date: 20120402-022008
Andriod No: 4.0.3
Base Band v : __
Kernal v : 3.0.8+(icm@ubuntu) (gcc version 4.5.1 (sourcery
G++ Lite 2010.09-50) #3 Fri Mar 23 16.05.30
CST 2002
U build v : __
LCD Driver IC : __
IMEI 1 : __
IMEI 2 : __

On the bottom right corner the green light is on , on the left side of the menu screen the status is this :

Error : Don't install utils

Error : TotalBytesPerChunk not found. Set default page/spare= 2048/64 !!!
unknown ROM structure , back up not possible.

also on root , back , recovery menu all buttons are visible.

Please advise if you guys can help me . thanks in advance.


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