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Jan 24, 2012
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Tablet2Cases has reached 2000 fans on Facebook currently and our promo
Free Cases Daily is still up and running. So why not join? It's a free giveaway that we'll be running through our new Facebook app where 7 people will win 7 cases each week. There will be all kinds of tablet cases given away, including many high quality models from the best known brands in the industry, some valued up to $600. Hope you like the theme :eek:

Seriously, Free Cases!
If you ever thought that you couldn't afford one case or another, here is your chance to take home that awesome case ;)! We will be giving away a single unit of each tablet case reviewed on

Christmas Week Giveaway
Includes cases from Urban Tools, SwitchEasy and more. More info here.

$urbantoltabbag.jpg $switcheasyribcage.jpg

Play the game here :cool:

General Rules
December 24 06:00AM EST – January 01 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its December 24 12:00PM CET – January 01 11:59AM CET
(Competition restarts every Monday with a new set of cases :rolleyes: If you haven't won, you can play again)

Registration (FREE): Visit Tablet2Cases Facebook page. Install the Free Cases Daily app.
Prize Selection:
Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.
How to Win:
Invite friends to “like” the Tablet2Cases Facebook page by using the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the Free Cases Daily page.
Live Rankings:
Each participant’s progress within the current week may be tracked by way of the “Live Ranking” table found under that labeled tab.
The Facebook user with the most “likes” for each particular tablet case wins.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck to everyone from Tablet2Cases, and may you win your own best case scenario!

Access the Free Cases Daily app here :cool: