Chromecast Double: Chromecast Features Coming to GoogleTV Later & Crazy Demand


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Jan 5, 2011

First let's start off sharing that the demand for the new Chromecast is insane. It seems like the device is getting close to selling out. The special three month free Netflix offer is no longer available through the Google Play Store and can only be found at Best Buy. In fact, the device is backordered by 3-4 weeks on the Play Store. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Unfortunately, it looks like something might be up. Folks have noticed that the Google Play Store listing for the Chromecast no longer makes mention of the Netflix offer. That sudden disappearance is flanked by news that customers are being told that the offer for three months of free Netflix is no longer being offered to those who purchased after a certain point. One such report came from Google+ user Patrick Hill.

I called Google play support, they said the promotion was such a big hit that they removed it. She did tell me that if you did place your order while the promotion was still up on the site you will be getting the 3 months free netflix. If you ordered AFTER it was removed, then you will not get the 3 months free netflix (this is at least for orders from Google play, not sure about other places).

Upon calling customer support again, Hill was told that the offer was so popular that Google was no longer able to keep it going. He was told that orders made before 3PM Pacific will all be eligible for the offer, and those who go their orders placed in time should be seeing a promotional code in their inboxes sometime soon. Anyone who ordered after 3PM Pacific will not. ~ Phandroid

Furthermore, Amazon isn't even offering the Chromecast at all anymore. Starting July 28th you should be able to find the Chromecast in physical retail stores, so we will keep you posted. We have something else quite intriguing to share about the suddenly popular device. Apparently, Google doesn't want its Google TV customers to feel left out, so they are planning to add the Chromecast features to the Google TV sometime later this year. Here's another quote with the full skinny,

Google revealed in a post on Thursday that partners will continue to launch Google TV-enabled HDTVs and boxes, adding that it is “working with partners to bring the latest experience of Android and Chrome to devices later this year.” The company believes that “there is ample room for both products to exist and succeed.” Warren Rehman, a Google employee working on Google TV, later confirmed that Google is planning to bring the Chromecast wireless streaming feature to Google TV devices later this year. ~ BGR

What do you guys think of how fast demand for this device skyrocketed? Share your thoughts.