Classification Confusion About Post/Project Trying To Complete While Learning


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Jan 2, 2019
!hello world!

Hey its is tim agian,

So after reading the rules and looking around a bit i gots a couple questions

-For Starters 1.0.1

-First and formost im not really sure what catagory my main question would fall under, i susspect it could fall in a range of cataorgys (apps, hacking, new tablets [even tho it is not a new tablet it is new to me]), Dose this website provide support for other andriod devices as well or just tablets?
-Fourm noobie stuff 1.0.2
-So without me knowing where to post and trying to aviod spamming
(spam issues or reserecting a dead posts) i fgured i would start here since it is a noobie file. If anyrules are broken please come tell me, if someone points me in the right direction is it okay to create a new post in the directory i was pointed to or will that be duplicate questions since it was asked here??
-Clearification Pre-Question(and suggestion 1.1.0)
-Clearification (1.1.1)
I understand that creating a post about unsoperted tablets are at risk of deletion... A simple search of the tablet im trying to find info on ATM shows files that have talked about the Emerson 756 (tablet in question here and what brought me to this site from google to begin with) most of which where over 6 months old, but looking under the tablet section i was not able to find a link to anything else refering to it.
-Suggestion (or learning time) 1.1.2
-Prehaps there should be a page or search tool that list currently supported tablets and tablets that use to be recently supported with the old archives attached for those still needing firmware or roms that were made for it ect. Cuase as i said i found some posts on here refering to my emerson but it is not listed under the tablets anywhere (i even checked under the rock(something) chipset as i have read that is the processer used.
-Did i miss it, trying to be clear?!?! 1.1.3

-Now i want to be clear here it is possiable that these pages already or tools already exist and i have just missed them if that is the case sorry fo
wasteing time please point me in the right direction.
-Just to be clear!!! 1.1.4
-I do know the meaning of unsupported im not trying to say the webstie should support evey tablet everyone comes and talks about forever, and i not really asking anyone to go back and take a to reserect a useless dinasour but maybe keep the archives and file download/links (firmwares roms whatever it mayb) to ones that become "unsuported" stateing that they are unsupported and being so comments turned off or whatever.
Moveing on(new sub[1.x.x]Numbers)1.2.0
-What i understand about this device 1.2.1

-Now i have done some homework on this device, any and every website explanes that it is barley (if even) worth the price of it (even on a clearance sale) it claims to have a 4 core processor and long battery life the majority of reviews i read seem to disagree and talks about the "laggyness" everywhere and after a full charge device bareley lasting 1.5 hours to 3 hours.
1.2.1-a - Alot of reviews tallk about problems right out of the box such as a scrolling up for 5 mins and rebooting issue, or a "right out of the box" bootloop the device seems to be stuck in, Hardware inside the device that never worked even from unboxing (wifi bluetooth ect) . the few "recent" reviews i did find mentioned that the tablet is old and was orignally ship 2x14-$DATE and had anywhere between 1 to 4 hours of updates that mixed the the "LAGGY" "supposed" "multicore-processor" and wifi issues were not hardly worth the time of doing.

-Then why pick this paticular device to work with 1.2.2
-The only reason im even trying to use this device is mainly the price is right, by that i mean a firend brought it to me said i cant get it to do anything here fix it, if you do keep it. Not to mention i LOVE learning new stuff and challenges even if i cannot get this device to preform the tasks im looking for it to i have other ideas for it. im a self lerner and learn stuff best by messing up and fixing it if i am starting with a device that is already broke and i do break it to an "unfixable level" then no harm no faul and maybe i can learn something in the process

-What im trying to acomplish with this device 1.2.3.a
I wanna know if it could be used as a diffrent kind of device such as a loading some kind of Super-Basic-Easy "kernal/shell" that would allow you to acess bluetooth or wifi its sole purpose being used as prehaps
. aWifi-connection extender (through useing hotspoting or wifi for a broadcasted network to reach that way back room in the house that recieves less then optimal signal).
. Maybe a bluetooth keyboard (as it has a bigger screen then my phone and if the whole screen was used as a keyboard that could connect via bluetooth to my phone it would make typeing intsive things like termux/learning,studying code,shell/anything that requires alot of typing) alot better on a 7.5inch keyboard display then a 5inch display splited with the windows im trying to type to
. prehaps even just useing it as a multiple displays of my phone to have extra space for chrome windows or terminals or even duocument/file storage/app storage that could be mobile with my phone

- Main focus What im trying to acomplish with this device 1.2.3.b
-like i said it was broke when i started so if i break break it no biggie but it dose still load the boot loader with a update from zip i believe it is still workable
-if youve read my introduction post or half of this post you can probally tell i love learning my main focus here is to learn, finding a use for a old wornout device that wont have to be thrown away is a bonus to me.
-learning more about andriod and the packages used to acess basic device funtions (keyboard bluetooth wifi ect) from a computer with adb, a basic bootloader, or kernal/shell type enviorments.
-I still dont even know if this is doable but
~for starters ive recently began teaching myself linux system file/strucures, commands -operands, scripts and basic functions such as acessing and downlaoding and useing online libareys or other shells in side the linux terminal.~
-At first my goal was to make this device boot up with a linux terminal (just terminal no gui) with some kind of linuxs os (only to find out andriod is based on linux os and get confused by such programs as termux because andriod is not a real linux kernal but they do have them for mobile......What??...... but still i have played with and seen the potiential for suchprograms as linux) and wifi acess so i could hotspot my phones connection to it and improve play/learn/practice stuff without sitting at home in front of a computer all day..... dont get me worng i love computers and learning this stuff...... but it would be nice to acess them anywhere i wanted to and i feel the tools avaiable to me now are at a handicaped level that im not comfortable and seem to be makeing it a strain to learn. (my 5.5inch screen divided with keyboard to read a man -k infopage or help page while looking up commands i didnt quite get the propor opender for or got confused with another command)
i do apologize for the long post extra info/fluff but i feel that to get across what i needed help with and wanted to learn and acomplish on this project i really do hate throwing things away and feel this could be a good chance fo rme to learn im getting tired of typing and planon editing this file a little bit more later i need help from mods as to where i should even out a post such as this should i break it down in serval questions for serval sections or is there a big idea table i could got o that tackles projects like these....... can anyone point me in the proper direction (tutorials websites youtubes) to start learning exactly what i need to acomplish a project like this??


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Jun 16, 2012
TL;DR: Posting about your tablet is not a problem, but it's so old it can vote. It's not useful for anything, especially learning Android from it, and is little better than a curiosity from the early days. Get a new tablet.

1.0.1: This site primarily focuses on Android tablets, although there have been discussions of other devices as well. Usually discussions of devices other than tablets are posted in our off topic section. That said, if you post in the wrong section we're not going to hunt you down and flog you within an inch of your life. We'll simply move the post in the right place and perhaps leave you a reminder for the next time.

1.0.2: Asking a question multiple times in multiple subforums would be cross posting, and we would have a brief chat with you about that as we delete the duplicates. That aside, simply make your post. If it's not in the right place and you haven't made multiple copies, we'll simply move it to the right place and let you know.

1.1.1: Says who? If it has Android and is a tablet it's fine here. The only thing our rules encourage is creating a new thread if previous threads are more than six months old, under the idea that it's better to let sleeping threads lie.

1.1.2: Not necessary, and for tablets that don't have their own subforum, impractical. But also see response 1.1.1.

1.1.3: They don't exist, so you didn't miss anything.

1.1.4: The threads are all there, available via search. Links remain as they are, and only get changed if it's brought to our attention that they have changed, or are now redirecting to spam sites.

1.2.1: Based on a Google search, Amazon offered this tablet at one time. Assuming the link is correct, the Emerson 756 tablet runs Android 1.5 and has an Allwinner A4 (single core) processor at 1.3GHz. Battery life is approximately 3 hours. The OS on the tablet, assuming we are discussing the correct tablet, will be ten years old in April. It's not worth it except as a source of parts for other projects.

1.2.1a: See 1.2.1 above. The tablet is ten years old. If it had any updates I don't know. If it's still possible to get the updates I don't know. However, it's high time to send this tablet off with the decorum it deserves for its years of service.

1.2.2: It's good you didn't spend money on this tablet as it's way too old to be useful. Fixing the hardware it so it actually works is the mark of a someone that loves to tinker, and there's nothing wrong with that. The firmware however is a lost cause.

1.2.3a: To serve as a WiFi extender you need the capacity to transmit and the horsepower to permit it. This tablet has neither, plus the tablet cannot see 5GHz networks due to lack of 5GHz hardware. While software does exist that allows you to convert the tablet into a keyboard, the firmware on board is too old for the application to work. It's not possible to use the tablet as a screen extender either, and even if you could the firmware on the tablet does not support the feature.

1.2.3.b: You would have better luck learning about Android by buying a newer device. Android has been expanded so much in the last ten years that trying to use Android 1.5 today leads to a lot of frustration.

1.2.4: You really need a newer device. See 1.2.1 through 1.2.3b inclusive.

1.3: I still have my first tablet, running Android 4.0. It's sitting, gathering dust. Trying to learn Android programming using a tablet with a 10-year-old OS is not productive. None of the existing tools and tutorials out there - I don't know the locations of any - will be of any use because they will assume recent versions of Android. The first stop you should make on your quest however after acquiring a more modern device should be